The Hopper Story

The Hopper

We love the Hamptons.  We hate traffic.  And for years, we’ve wondered why there isn’t a better way to get around during the day, or to go out at night without worrying who’s driving.  So, we decided to do something about it.

The Hampton Hopper is an app-based premium transportation service that makes getting around the Hamptons in the Summer more convenient, affordable, and fun.  Whether you’re a first-time visitor who prefers to be without car, or Hamptons pro who prefers not to sit behind the wheel in traffic, you’ll love riding our signature green buses to hop between the villages of the Hamptons, as well as popular shopping spots, fitness studios, and restaurants and bars at night.

Download our iPhone App to see where our buses are, where they stop, and when the next one is arriving.  Unlimited-ride daily passes start at $20, with discounted seasonal passes available in the app.  Don’t have an iPhone?  Fear not, you can buy a daily pass on board with your credit card.

The Hampton Hopper will kick off it’s 4th year of service in June of 2017 and run route service through Labor Day.  If you spy Hoppers on the road before then it’s because we rent them. Yes, it’s true you can charter your own private Hopper from April through October…Talk about making an entrance!

Whether you cruise around town with fellow hamptonites or set up a private ride, we’ve got your summer driving covered! Let’s get hoppin! Your perfect summer starts here!

1150900448 Beautiful Hopper riders, and the sunset wasn't too bad either. #nofilter #hamptons #thehopper