Frequently Asked Questions

First things much does this cost?

Rides & Passes can be purchased in our iPhone app or on-board

Single Ride: $12 Good for one ride between any two stops.

Day Pass: $20 Hop on & off as much as you like from 10am-2am.

Weekend Pass: $35 Hop on & off as much as you like between Friday 10am-2am Monday Morning.

2016 Summer Pass: $149 Hop on & off as much as you like until Labor Day!

OK, and where can I catch the Hopper?

Check out our Stops page for the most up-to-date listing of our stops.  We operate between East Hampton and Montauk, with stops in popular restaurants and points of interest in between.

Intrigue. When do you guys operate?

We’ll be on the road this Summer!  We launch for the 2017 season in June. Operating hours and 2017 schedule coming soon.

Expect extended operating hours on holiday weekends.  Please consult the app for up to date information.

As more people ride, and our lore spreads across the land, we’ll be able to add more buses and expand our routes and operating times.

Very nice! I'm in. Where do I go, and when?

That’s the easy part!  Simply download our iPhone app, and it will tell you everything you need to know, including exact stop locations, and where The Hoppers are.  Plus, you can buy passes directly in the app.  You can also check our stops & schedule pages on the website.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope.  Just show up at the stop and hop on!  We can generally accommodate parties as large as 20 people.  If your group is even bigger, congrats on the enormity of your popularity!  Oh, and just shoot us an email at and we may be able to make a special arrangement for you.

You snobby SOBs, I don't have an iPhone!

Fear not, Android-loving or Smartphone-phobic amigo!  Our Android app will be launching soon.  Or, if you’re stuck in the 90s, or just have a deeply-rooted, crippling phobia of technology, you can check our stops and estimated arrival times from our website. You do not need an iPhone to ride, passes can be purchased on-board!

Why don't you just have a timetable that I can grab?

We do!  You can see it on our schedule page…But, have you seen the traffic out here?  We’ll do our best to provide hourly service but we encourage riders to use the app to track exactly where the buses are!

Can my kids ride?

Riders of all ages are welcome, although we suggest that riders under age 13 are accompanied by an adult.

Hmmm, traffic, what about that?

It is true, we will not be able to outfit the Hoppers with giant grasshopper legs or helicopter rotors until, umm, probably next year.  But, instead of you sitting in traffic behind the wheel, or playing designated driver roulette with your friends, we figure relaxing or dancing to your sick playlist on board is sweeter.

Your buses are awesome, can I charter them?

We do offer private charter service, we can transport large groups as availability permits.  Please Email us or call 631-259-7076 to inquire or request a quote!  Hoppers look pretty spiffy at weddings…Just sayin’.

Why don't you go to Southampton?

Good question.  We’re just starting out, and starting small, with a route between East Hampton and Montauk, including points in-between.  As more people ride, we’ll be able to expand to cover all of the Hamptons!  Have an idea for a stop?  Tell us!

How did you guys get so cool?

Sorry, we can’t publish that.  You’ll have to come find us in person and ask!